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Top Android Games for Engineers that will get you Hooked

Learning engineering through book becomes very boring. Because consistent and long time study is not possible for everyone to carry. Right! But games makes you interested for a long time. Therefore to make the learning more interesting, there are the following games for engineers which will make the learning process very interesting.

1. Truss Me!

Truss Me Icon

truss me is Designed by a true rocket scientist, it helps you learn to design truss structures while having fun! Further, At each challenge, design trusses that are light and strong and you will earn precious golden nuts.

It utilizes state of the art simulation techniques used by aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers to provide the most realistic behavior for your trusses.

Truss Me works well with dynamic problems as well, so you can build from bridges, roofs, and cranes to impact problems involving the crash of spacecraft into the ground!

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2.Gear logic puzzle

Gear Logic Puzzle Icon

Gear logic puzzle is a Logical puzzle game about the mechanics of gears. The rules are easy, just move the light gears and connect them with the red gears so that everything rotates.

Also, you will need your wisdom and imagination. So, Blow your stress away! Also Discover tons of levels or create your own level. Relax. Enjoy!

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3. Circuit scramble

Circuit Scramble Icon

 Circuit Scramble throws you into the world of circuit-based logic that drives real computers! So, navigate your way through a field of logic gates as you attempt to find the correct inputs to complete the level in this unique and fascinating puzzler.

Also, follow the flow of the current as it passes through a field of logic gates – discovers the correct combination of inputs to solve each puzzle.

Further, Complete each level in the lowest number of moves to get the best score! Also, Circuit Scramble is completely free, with no in-app purchases. Just lots of thought-provoking, circuit filled enjoyment!

Requires Android-4.4 and up

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4. Machinery

Machinery Icon

It’s time to remember the laws of classical mechanics! Check your brain for creativity and ingenuity! Machinery is a physics game where there is no single solution for passing the level. At any level, you are invited to find your unique solution.

So, if You like classical logic games here is one you were looking for. In this physical puzzle, there are only two basic shapes, a rectangle, and a circle.

But the possibility of scaling, rotating, and combining them together makes it possible to create any mechanism or apparatus.

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5. Engineering cars

Engineering Cars Icon

Engineering cars is a Puzzle game for car lovers and automobile engineers based on perspective and optical illusion.

It includes more than 73 car puzzle which includes Ferrari, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Cadillac, BMW, Bugatti, Ford, Mercedes, Lamborghini and many more series models of cars.


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