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Importance of Games for Engineers

Digitalization has improved the way we learn and explore engineering things in the world. Mobile Applications and games for engineers have made learning more fun and Convenient.

You will get bored when you constantly study or work on engineering stuff through books and lectures and You will be needing different approaches to refresh yourself from conventional methods but also stay connected with engineering.

There are plenty of options available for engineers with different tastes to learn things while having fun.

The games with Engineering flavor have always been incredibly enjoyable and interesting. So here we have listed some of the engineering games for different disciplines and Game tastes.

We have tried to collect these games so that it will involve the engineering stuff directly or indirectly in some form.

The collection consists of different Puzzles, simulators, and Optic illusion games. So let’s have look at the List of best free Mobile games for engineers –

1. Truss Me

Truss me is designed by a true rocket scientist, it helps you learn to design truss structures while having fun! Further, At each challenge, design trusses that are light and strong and you will earn precious golden nuts.

In addition, it utilizes state-of-the-art simulation techniques used by aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers to provide the most realistic behavior for your trusses. Thus, making it a must-have game for engineers

Truss Me works well with dynamic problems as well, so you can build from bridges, roofs, and cranes to impact problems involving the crash of spacecraft into the ground!

Truss me- games for engineers

Even if you are an instructor, you can teach your students how to design trusses in a fun way using the freestyle mode.

In this mode, you can design an Arbitrary truss, e.g. a bridge, roof, crane, or even a spacecraft, and show visually the difference between tension and compression.

Joints are fundamental, as you can only build bars from one existing joint to another, and add supports and loads to existing joints only.
Red color means tension and blue compression. Blue bars will fail at much lower loads due to buckling!

Available on Apple App store

Available on Google Play store

2. Gear logic puzzle

Gear logic puzzle is a Logical puzzle game about the mechanics of gears.

The rules are easy, Also, you will need your wisdom and imagination. So, Blow your stress away! Also, Discover tons of levels or create your own level. Relax. Enjoy!

The goal is to connect all the red gears so that they spin. You can only move light gears.

Gear Puzzle logic games for engineer

Key Features-

  • Thousands of levels.
  • You can create your own levels.
  • Play exciting levels created by other players.
  • New player vs player(PVP) mode.
  • wood, metal, ice, paper, and stone Visual themes to select
  • Mechanical puzzle.
  • Physics game
  • No Limit on time
  • Available offline

Available on Google Play store

3. Machinery – Physics Puzzle

It’s time to remember the laws of classical mechanics!

Now, Check your brain for creativity and ingenuity! Machinery is a physics game where there is no single solution for passing the level. At any level, you are invited to find your unique solution.

So, if You like classical logic games here is one you were looking for. In this physical puzzle, there are only two basic shapes, a rectangle, and a circle.

Machinery Physics games for engineer

But the possibility of scaling, rotating, and combining them together makes it possible to create any mechanism or apparatus.

The early levels will show you how to play and will let you go through some basic concepts.

If you need some machine or a car to solve a level then just use your brain, you can build it. In the levels of the game Hinges or motors are used to connect shapes.

The game also has a sandbox and a level editor. The game is having accurate and realistic Physics and it is designed in a 2D world.

Available on Google Play store

4. Engineer: Cars

If you are passionate about cars then you will love this game!

Engineer cars is a Puzzle game for engineers with an interest in cars and automobiles based on perspective and optical illusion.

It includes more than 73 car puzzles which includes Ferrari, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Cadillac, BMW, Bugatti, Ford, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and many more series models of cars.

Engineer car games for engineer

Here is the list of Some amazing car Models available in the game

  • Ferrari 360 Spider (2003), Ferrari 360 Modena (2001), Ferrari 575 M (2003), Ferrari FXX (2005)
  • Mercedes Benz SL Class (2009), Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (S212) (2009), Mercedes-Benz-S-Class (2010), Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (2011)
  • Lamborghini Gallardo (2006), Lamborghini Reventon (2008)
  • Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (997) (2007), Porsche Cayman S (987C) (2006)
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (2009)
  • BMW M6 (2006), BMW 7 Series F01 F02 (2009), BMW X6 M (2009), and many more brand models

Available on Google Play store

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5. Bridge Construction Simulator

The Detailed and Realistic graphics makes the Bridge Construction Simulator’s every level of the puzzle into the Life

Put Your Intuition and engineering skills into this Bridge construction puzzle game.

You will be given the role of Constructor who is required to improvise and adapt to all tasks assigned to you.

You can use your resources to construct structures able to hold the weight of the cars

So, try to become a good builder as fast you can, things will get hard with time but You won’t be racing against time. be a careful and thoughtful Constructor

You will be designing and constructing increasingly elaborate Bridges across Four Varied Locations. the things will be easy in the city but when you will move forward to Canyon, Valley and finally Mountains.

Bridge construction Simulator Games for engineer

It will become hard. If you don’t want to be responsible for the car crash then the size and resilience of your structure should Sustainable.

In addition to Normal mode, the game offers easy puzzles with an increased budget and more flexibility and a hard one with ultimate and seemingly Impossible challenges. Hence, if you find yourself in a tight spot, a Hint system will guide you to the solution.

The game is a simulator that makes extensive use of Realistic Physics. When the car Drives through your built construction, you will see the stretch and bend. That way even if you fail You can see the weak points of your construction and use logic to improve it.

Key features-

  • Superb physics – a true simulator
  • Multiple addictive levels across four different worlds
  • State of the art realistic graphics
  • Fantastic, varied, and detailed environments – you won’t get bored as you build
  • Spectacular special effects
  • Mind-bending, challenging puzzles requiring the use of thought and logic
  • Varying skill levels for an increased challenge or more relaxed gameplay – something for every constructor
  • Built-in hint system helps you build your skill

Available on Google Play store       

6. Make it True — Solve the Circuit

Getting Engineering Knowledge has never been easy and fun. But now it is with Make it true.

Do you like uncommonness, logic games on how electronics work? If your answer is yes then This application is for you.

Make it true game develops the logic where you will provide the role of an Assistant Engineer where you will be assigned simple tasks

  • Develop, Assemble, and Configure the robot.
  • Just give the right signal to make the circuit work.
  • Replace broken items.
  • Encrypt and decrypt the signal

Make it true Circuit design game

All this awaits you here, in the puzzle using real logical operators.

It’s simple, you will choose the values at the inputs of the circuit or replace the broken parts to get 1. Remember, 1 is “true”, 0 is “false”.

The game is created in the image of real logic gates, on which microchips are built.

You can easily understand the basics of circuitry just by playing.

Games for engineers to the development of logic, games for the development of memory occupied a dense niche in the learning environment.

If you are fond of computer structure or robotics games, this logic puzzle will take its place on the shelf of your favorite puzzles.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of interesting levels.
  • Many elements will not let you get bored.
  • Many solutions for each level.
  • Two game modes.
  •  Animated cut-scenes.
  • Dark  theme
  • Help for levels
  •  Free to download Application, the passage is also free.

Available on Google Play store

7. Euclidea – The ultimate games for engineers

 Euclidea is a Brilliant way to learn about, explore, and have fun with  Euclidian Constructions.

Your task will be to solve Interesting challenges by building geometric constructions with a Straight Edge and Compass.

Therefore, if you design the most elegantly simple solutions in the least number of moves, you’ll earn the highest scores. Solutions are scored in lines (L) and elementary Euclidean constructions (E).

You don’t need to worry if you aren’t a math wizard. Euclidea starts with Simple Challenges that guide you through the basics. And once you master the fundamentals, you will move on to tougher and mind-bending polygon and Tangent Levels.

Euclidea game for euclidean construction

When You learn Different constructions like angle bisectors and non-collapsing Compass etc. They are automatically added to interface shortcuts to save time and create clean drawings

Easy Drag pan and zoom Makes the experience more interactive as well as allows you to more deeply grasp the relationship between the various geometric elements, explore possibilities and analyze the errors

Euclidea automatically handles the precision by pinning points, lines, and circles to the apps clean interface So, you don’t need to worry about the Perfect precision

Key Features-

  • Explore Mode- To see figures you need to construct
  • Inventory of the tools you crate
  • Different approaches to solve Single Problems
  • Innovative Tools
  • Hundreds of levels

Available on Apple App store

Available on Google Play store.

8. One Ohm – Resistance 

 Want to be a Real master of resistor networks?

Then, One Ohm is the best game for you on electrical resistors network specially designed for electrical Engineers.

Also, if you can complete all the levels then You are the Real master of the resistor network.

You need to lace the resistor in the given network such that the equivalent resistance of the entire network is 1 Ω. The entire network must be filled in so that you can check the result.

The game contains a combination of series, parallel, star, and delta circuits of Resistors.

one ohm circuit design game

This game is intended to improve the Knowledge of electrical engineering students on Electrical Networks.

This game Uses a Simple resistor network so that you won’t need to look for your pen and paper to solve.

Key Features:

  • Unique Resistor network circuits
  • Hints for all the levels (only if you failed the level Twice)
  • The surprising extra game mode for relaxing.

Available on Google Play store

9. Industrialist – factory development strategy

The industrialist is an amazing factory development Strategy game that will give you the opportunity to manage a large industrial enterprise.

You will manage the industrial Enterprise from the Ruined factory to the industry Leader!

You can Buy Machines, Hire Employees, and start Production. Do research on your equipment and upgrade your equipment according to research.

The strategy you will choose will define the success of your enterprise.

Industrialist factory building strategy

You will find a number of  Unique machines (Milling, Turning, Drilling, machining centers, and others) Various employees (engineers, servicemen, and workers), and interesting research tactics to Increase your Production.

Hence, you are not limited to the number of workshops; you can expand your factory by building new facilities. It all depends only on your Knowledge, ambition, and experience.

Further, the best thing is that the game works without the internet.

Are you ready to be the Industrial greatest magnate?

Available on Google Play store

10. Lathe Machine 3D: Milling & Turning Simulator Game

Are you an engineer who has always spent most of the time doing turning that square bars into amazing jobs? Want to recollect those Machining skills like Professional Lathe machinist?

If Yes. This is the perfect 3D Simulation game for you to enjoy those turning and milling operations on your Mobile Phone.

So, this 3D game provides you the opportunity to operate the lathe machine like a Professional machinist.

Lathe games

Also, there is no fuss to clean that mess after carving the job.

If you are a beginner engineering student then you can make your prototype Product on the lathe as well as on the Milling machine

Key Features-

  • Pick the material to carve your own product on a lathe machine
  • Realistic Turning Physics
  • Create Thread and Spiral Twists
  • Amazing 360 view 3D Graphics
  • Customized Knives and tool
  • Unlockable Product and Surprised Interactions
  • Save Your Unfinished workpiece

Available on Google Play store


The Puzzle games for engineers make you addicted to it and the intuitive graphics, especially in simulator games, gives real-life to these games making them more fun and engaging.

So, there are many more games for engineers available on the application store on different platforms that you can add to this list.

Also, in the above list, we have tried to cover different engineering disciplines like Electrical circuits, Civil constructions, Automobile, Euclidian construction, mechanics, Physics for now.

You may find amazing puzzles game on Computer coding and Math’s Logic available on the web that can amazing games for engineers working on software or anyone who is willing to learn to code.

So, take some time from your Engineering study or work to try these amazing games.

Do you know such amazing games for engineers? Do mention in Comments.


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