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5 best brain games for engineers

People of all ages use Brain games to improve mental functioning improve their memory, response time, and logic skills. They want to challenge their mental powers to enhance their potential in day-to-day life.

If you’d like to give your brain a workout and have fun too, try these games and activities that may improve your mental focus and fitness.

Mobile gaming apps have come a long way in the last decade. In the ocean of Shooters, Arcade, Racing games brain training games have emerged as one of the most popular mobile gaming genres in Application stores.

Here are 5 of the best mobile Apps brain Games for engineers out there:

1. Infinity Loop

Infinity loop is a simple, relaxing, endless game designed for increasing your logic skills in a fun way. The goal of the game is to clear your mind, remove the stress from your daily life without any pressure or tension to solve the levels.

The puzzle game is all about creating intricate looping patterns or just the application of using a simple concept: “connecting multiple things” and make fun out of it.

You need to connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. It is like killing the chaos and reaching perfection.
The dark mode available in the game is to make disconnections, breaking it all and not leaving a single piece connected.

Key features

  • Infinite game levels
  • 100% free game for unlimited levels
  • Simple & relaxing

If you are looking for stress relief You will definitely enjoy the Infinity loop!

Available on Google Play store

2. Math | Riddles, and Puzzles Math Brain Game

Brain games are prepared always with an approach of an IQ test and math Riddles is not an exception to that. Math Riddles Challenge you with different levels of math games and stretch the limits of your mind to level up your IQ with a mix of logical puzzles.

It helps you reveal your mathematical talent that is hidden in geometrical shapes through brain games. You will solve the relationship between numbers in the geometrical figures, and complete the missing numbers at the end.

Exploring the relations between the numbers in the geometrical shapes will train both parts of your brain.

Key Features –

  • Suitable for Both Kids and Adults.
  • Free Game
  • Hints and Answers Access.

Available on Google Play store

3. Brain Code-Brain game

Brain: code. Is a perfect combination of Math riddles, Logic puzzles, and Mind games which give a lifestyle to learn new, self-educate and think differently.

The Puzzle game is Created to challenge your brain, math skills, and your Out of box thinking approach.

The game show kids how programming works in a more playful way than taught in school and is easy and can be engrossing.

You will solve the relationships between different facts, numbers, geometrical figures, text, and a lot of other things.

To solve all the puzzles, you need to program commands (No programming skills are needed).

You can interact with the game world (move, rotate views) and control in-game animations. At your disposal will be 15 commands.

Brain game Puzzle

Key Features:

  • Games for Adults and Kids
  • Free to play
  • Develop problem-Solving and Logical skills
  • Train both parts of the brain

Available on Google Play store

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4. Not Not – A Brain-Buster

If you are ready to push your limits on the brain then this Not Not puzzle game is just made for you. The game is prepared with the ultimate brain-busting challenge based on logic and orientation.

You have to follow the written instructions to swipe your character towards the correct direction (up, down, left or right) and victory.

As you reach higher levels in the game, increasingly complex and varied instructions will require the use of both your logic and dexterity for you to succeed.

The game has two modes

  • classic mode- Discover a new concept on each level!
  • challenge mode- Go as far as possible following more and more complex instructions

Ready to push the limits of your Brain?

Not Not Brain Game

Key features-

  • colorblind accessibility mode.
  • Free
  • Classic and Challenge mode

Available on Google Play store

5. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain it on is the physics puzzle game with Dozens of brains busting physics puzzles where you have to draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles.

The game allows showcasing your skills by competing with your friends to win a crown and share your unique solutions to puzzle. There can be multiple ways to solve each but you have to find the best solution.

All the levels of the game can be unlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. You can always find dozens of new players creating free levels each day on the community screen of the game.

Key features –

  • Free Game
  • Community screen
  • Share your Puzzle unique solution
  • Compete with your friends
  • Hints & Solutions
  • Available level editor

Available on Google Play store


Brain games are developed to improve the mind and memory power. We curated a list of brain games including math tests, IQ test, logical puzzles etc. in this article. These games will help you to find out your potential for both work and daily life.

You know math is math and it’s always healthy for your Brain.

Do you know such Brain games? Do mention in comments.

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