About Us

StuTalks is a team of Enthusiast Engineers passionate about startup, entrepreneurship, and Technology.

We are dedicated to providing the best Insightful content to our Audience about an exponentially growing startup ecosystem across the globe.

How we started StuTalks?

Two engineers of different disciplines passionate about the startup ecosystem wanted to do something for the Student entrepreneur. With the aim of educating students about entrepreneurship, we started our journey back in 2018.

Curiosity drove us to make StuTalks, we had many questions about entrepreneurship when we started our journey and we just started finding answers to those question and we end up making the StuTalks.

StuTalks was created with a combination of two words “Stu” for Student and “Talks” for the Voice of Student and we just want to keep that student’s voice keep going. We are still learning by searching for the answers to questions and want you to be part of Journey.


If you have a passion for entrepreneurship and Curious enough to look for the answers to your questions. Join us in our Journey.

We are looking forward to welcoming you