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You can become a magnet which attracts the people and resources towards you. For example, people speaking in public. But you have to invest your time and energy to build a strong relationship. Also, most of the businessman and practitioners say that they don’t like networking or found that it is not effective.

That’s probably because they don’t know how to do it and they expect unrealistic results. So, business networking is a process and not a one off event. It takes time to develop it with the person who takes interest in you.

Every entrepreneur have a decorative box filled with bunch of creative business cards. It is collected from different business networking events, exhibitions and get-together.

But we all know that most of these business cards will not work the way we want to be. This is because, when it comes to business networking, then the quality of your circle has importance over quantity.

Most of the people says that having lots of Facebook friends, twitter followers or any other social media followers are very important for your business networking. But again, it depends upon the type of your business.

Lots of followers can help you to promote a business which requires crowd. If you consider top business professionals, then you notice that only 20 to 30 of their relations helped to build the career. Also, they have recognized them from the starting of their journey.

Now, follow the steps below to make an effective network.

1. Figure out who matters the most.

Important people


You have to figure out the people who matters you the most. It may be a mentor, customers, co worker that adds value in your life to build your career. Once you recognize these people, you have to keep a continuous touch with them.

They are not the people to whom you are sending festive wishes. They are the ones for whom you should know their interest and follow up with them.

2. Pick your next important networking group.

Important Networking Group


This network varies from the 70- 100 contacts. These are the people who haven’t helped you up till now but have the potential to help you in the future.

You may not know them too personally for socializing with them. But you should keep their interest in mind. Also, help them if you have something important which matches their interest.

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3. Find easy ways to interact with everybody.

People Interacting with each other


The social gatherings, networking nights and your social media followers, connections plays its role. Here, you have to maintain the interactions with them. Also, you can share your posts, special offers, tips for your followers, etc.

4. Find a way to help that person if you want to build a connection with him.

A Helping Person


There are various ways you could give a help to him/her. Other than to satisfy their requirement, teaching them to be calm at tough situations is also an important and big help. So, before giving any help understand that person’s pain. Otherwise such unnecessary helps may irritate that person.

5. Think people not the positions.

People at Different Positions


Everyone who is reading this knows that some people are ambitious, smart, motivated and interesting. Surely, they are going to be successful in future in their upcoming 5 to 10 years . They may be CEO of companies, mentors or investors.

So its very easy to build relation with them at early career stage instead of connecting with them after they become successful. So you have to find these people who are going to be an influencer even if they don’t. This will be a good and interesting relationship.

6. Give before you ask.

Quote on Givers


Before you ask for something to a person just make sure that you invested something in that person. Its really embarrassing and mean attitude to directly ask for favors without doing something for them.

In most cases you find that such person directly or indirectly denies your help request. Hence, you will be disappointed with this way.

7. Be generous instead of being selfish.

Selfish Person Attitude


Business networking is not that you reach the people to help and expect something in return always. If you go with this way in front of the people, then it shows that you are a self interested person. Therefore, you should have generous spirit.

Also, if you see most of the successful people’s connection, they are still doing and making their network more beautiful.

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8. Choose the right venues.

A Venue


Not every group of people will be right for you. So you have to analyse which one of people is beneficial for you in which you get the people which shares your interest. Also, they understand the way you think.

You will find these group on various social media platforms that shares the same interest like meetup, Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn etc.

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9. Be dressed professionally and appropriately.

People dressed professionally


when you are going to a business networking event wear something professional like formals and suits. Leave your loose pajamas, slippers and funky clothes at your home. Also, professional dressing doesn’t mean that you have to wear expensive clothes.

Because there are various professional dress having low prices. If required get advice from the image consultants. Establish yourself as a successful person in front of the people.

10. Be prepared with yourself in the events.

Business Event


Bring plenty of business cards with you if possible. Just make sure you are giving them to the person who is interested in your business. Also, find the people you don’t know and connect with them. You should also followup the person after the event with a note.

If possible, send an information or an article on that person’s interest to maintain your network properly.

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11. Make a habit to connect with people daily.

Connecting with People


Our daily habits plays a very important role in our day to day life. They show a lot about our behaviors. So, you need to build a habit of connecting with people every single day. Also, you have to continuously find out which person can introduce you to the new ones who can benefit you.

While following this habit daily and make it beneficial, understand that your first aim should be a genuine desire to help others.

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12. Treat others with the same way you want to be treated.

Treating each other


Always keep in mind, the importance of how you treat others. If you don’t want people to treat you poorly then you should not go out and do the same for others. Always be kind to other people even if you don’t know them.

Because, It shows how well you are as a human being. Also, its not just about the good business, its also about a good life. Hence, you have to consider others feelings which is as simple as it should be.

13. Be grateful and Don’t take people for granted.

Showing Gratefulness


No matter in which field or business you are, you can find people who are rude, arrogant or unprofessional. But it should not reflect on you while treating them. Be useful and grateful to the opportunities you get and don’t take people around you for granted.

This can be applied to your business life in the same way as your personal life. People often take other people for granted. Also, it seems easy to overlook the people and not giving your time them who won’t add value to you and your business.

But its a huge mistake you are making. Therefore, you should treat them regardless of expecting something in return.

14. Add value to the life of others.

Adding values for each other


There is something so special and magical in adding value. Without doing this you don’t go far. So when people adds value to someones life, some doors open which would never have been opened before. Also, people can achieve extraordinary results by applying this simple principle.

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