Team Building. How to Establish a High Performance Team

Team Work

Team Building helps your workforce to get on the same page, work together which increases the productivity of the work.

Team building can be related to the Team motivation to boost their morale and their attitude towards the work they will be doing in an organization.

So let’s talk about the problems arising from the improper team building.

Problems Created from an Improper Team Building

Giving less importance to Team Building creates very terrific problems at various times while forming a project and then a business. Following are the reasons where problems take place because of an improper team building -:

1. Conflicts in the thoughts of team members for achieving a short-term series of goals

This happens if some team members are not competent enough to understand the reason for deciding these sets of goals. It happens if they are poor in the domain associated with the project.

2. Arguments taking place between team members creating a chaotic situation in a process

This happens if some team members are stubborn. They don’t adapt alternative approaches suggested by their fellow team members.

3. Lack of consistency in working of team members

This happens if some team members are either lazy or have lost interest in the project. It might also happen due to a misunderstanding of the strategies taken to complete the project.

4. Lack of punctuality and regularity during periodic meetings

This also happens due to the above-mentioned reason for Lack of consistency in working. Some team members will just inform you that they will attend the meeting, but they won’t.

5. Making too many excuses to run away from responsibilities because of not liking the work

This happens when you notice that some team members don’t update their work progress regularly. When asked, they give unnecessary logic and excuses just to create a genuine reason for not able to attend the meeting.

6. Some team member works better alone as compared to working with a team

This can be identified from past projects done by team members. If he/she is more involved in solo projects than group projects, then the member is not a good team player.

7. Issues arising from Blame, Responsibility, and Accountability

If some mistake happens then some team members are not fit for taking the blame irrespective of he/she is really involved in the mistake or not.

And so on. Therefore such problems must be solved. To do so, don’t give a chance to create such problems to solve it. Rather, prevent it at the initial stage while the team is getting built. To do so, perform the following actions for team building to build a high-performance team.

1. Know your Audience

For example in school and college, your audience is classmates, roommates, etc. In the case of companies, your audience is co-workers. So for team building, make sure that the person which you are targeting has following personal traits -:

Team building announcement

1.1. The person is hardworking, dedicated irrespective of personal situations. If you meet this condition, such a person becomes easy to handle and does not require any external motivation for them. This saves your energy. You will find the motivation inside him/her and not from outside circumstances.

1.2. Person Should have Listening Skills and Understanding Nature – The person should not be self-centered. Therefore, one should have very good listening skills making the person capable to understand the facts.

Such person need not require much explanation of a task, situation, responsibility, etc. One should be like, if you explain 2 things, they may understand 10 things. Again it saves your energy.

1.3. A person lives outside the comfort zone – This is not necessary to be accomplished as they may be very few people who in a true sense live outside the comfort zone.

If one lives outside the comfort zone, then it’s great, otherwise no problem. Don’t worry about it. Now in order to find out whether the person lives outside comfort zone or not, identify their routine life habits especially what they do in free time.

Following habits can ensure that person is in comfort zone -:

1.3.1 Person is spending too much time with family by talking to them for hours.

Family Time

1.3.2. A person is spending much time with friends at hotels, hangouts, places at weekends, nights, and whenever there is time.


Weekend Party Cheer

1.3.3. The person is distracted by external entertainment sources like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Televisions, Indoor games, etc.

Social Media addiction



2. Identifying various requirements of project/business.

Any project/business has a variety of tasks for successfully accomplishing it like performing the market survey, gathering and studying research papers, gathering components for the building project, using components for modifying/assembling as per project requirements, content writing, report writing, and documentation, making demonstration videos and editing it, etc.

Team project requirement

3. Synchronizing a person’s capabilities with requirements of project/business

Team building Synchronising work

If you ignore this, then it’s like you are trying to make a fish climb over a tree which is impossible and can only be done by monkeys, cheetahs, etc.

Start finding the amount of work for each requirement. Also, find out whether a single person can handle more than one responsibility or a responsibility needs to be handled by more than one person. This is based on the intensity of work and a person’s potential. In this way, each person will happily work together.

After performing the above 3 actions, you can successfully build a high-performance team. To maintain further quality-focused work, perform the following additional actions -:

4. Provide some external life benefits from Project/Business.

Team building Success Motivation

You can do this either before or after project/business completion. This is sometimes required, sometimes not required. You need to monitor the consistency of the team’s work. If in case you find out that team members are feeling lazy to work further, just sit beside them, listen to them for a certain amount of time with acceptance and then start motivating them.

Don’t start motivating them at the initial stage as it may make them lose interest. First, listen to them. During motivation, fill them in minds with certain facts like the hard and soft skills which they are developing at every time, how their career will become strong, how they will become financially strong, how they can lead a stable, peaceful life with help of the project/business, etc. These facts will again recharge them physically as well as mentally.

That’s it. If you successfully followed the four steps, you can accomplish building a high-performance team.



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