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Trending Fantasy League Platforms in India

Nowadays fantasy games is a word trending around all over Indian sports fan. So, these have given chance to sports fans of India to showcase their knowledge and to be a part of the game. Fantasy League Platforms help sports fans to play fantasy games.

In past few years, the success of fantasy games like Dream11 have given the chance to Indian sports fan for getting rewards on their sports knowledge.

But what exactly does Fantasy Games mean. Lets check it out.

Fantasy games is a online gaming platform. Here sports fan can participate to make a virtual team of real playing players in a contest. For this, they have to pay participation fees. Then these team compete with each other based on the statistical performance of real players in a game.

Their performance is rated into defined points which are decided by the Fantasy sports managers. Then, with these points our ranks are decided to win the rewards.

So, here are some trending fantasy games websites and apps in India which are ruling the minds of every sport fans.

1. Dream 11



Dream11 comes under India’s biggest fantasy sports game with more than 6 crore users and still counting. Recently in April 2019, Dream 11 became the first gaming Indian company to enter the unicorn club.

Dream 11 was founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008 with an aim to redefine how Indian sports fan engage with sports.

Moreover, One of them is the founding Chairman of Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), a self-regulated body formed to protect consumer interests and standardize best practices in the Sports Gaming industry.

Dream11’s growth boosted when it launched the first Freemium single-match fantasy sports in 2012. It attracted following number of users in following years.

1. Ten lac users in 2014.

2. Twenty lac users in 2016.

3. One and half crore users in 2017.

4. Four crore users in 2018.

5. More then six crore users in 2019.

Kalaari, Capital Think Investments, Multiples Equity, Tencent, Steadview Capital Management are major investors of Dream11.

In recent 2 years, Harsha Bhogle became Brand Ambassador. Then, Ex Indian Cricket Captain and Indian Cricketer Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s “Dimag se Dhoni”campaigned have grabbed major influence on Indian sports fan.

Now Dream 11 is officially a league partner with the following -:

1. ICC.

2. VIVO.

3. IPL

4. HERO.

5. CPLT20.

6. NBA.

7. KFC.

8. BBL.

9. FIH.


11. PRO Kabaddi.

12. WBBL.

How to Play

1. First, you select a league from various leagues of different sports from cricket, NBA, football and Hockey.

2. Then, select a particular match from the league and select a contest you want to participate.

3. After that, create your team from (1 Wicket-keeper, 3-5 batsman, 1-3 All Rounders,and 3-5 Bowlers) in a budget of 100 Credits.

4. Then, Select captain for 2x Points and vice captain for 1.5x points.

5. Finally, join contest by paying the entry fees.

Results are announced after the match

2. Halaplay



Halaplay is Daily fantasy sports (DFS) game for sports enthusiasts. It is a money based fantasy games and player can win cash prizes.

It is founded by Saurav (CEO), Prateek Anand (Financial Chief), Ananya Singhal (Operations Chief) and Aman Kesari (Product Chief). Company launched its operations in January 2017.

Mumbai-based fantasy sports startup HalaPlay Technologies Pvt. Ltd  got funding by Nazara Technologies Ltd and Delta Corp Ltd. recently.

Halaplay gives the fantasy leagues for cricket, football and Kabaddi.

How to play

You have to select the players to make a team and participate in league by giving the entry fees. Also, Halaplay has two leagues i.e. Public and Private League.

In Public leagues, you compete with all players participating in the league open to all. While, in Private league, participant create its own league having entry fees. Further, winning criteria is decided by the participant creating the league. Teams with highest points will be winner of the league.

Moreover, Halaplay gives unique league of reverse fantasy in which the you have to choose players who will score less points in the team.




11 wickets is India’s fastest growing fantasy sports game. Moreover, It is particularly for the cricket and football fans in India. Founded in 2018, 11Wickets is owned and operated by Ability Games Pvt. Ltd.

Ability Games was founded as an independent research and game development company, focused on cutting-edge technologies. Ability Games Pvt. Ltd. is among the pioneer companies in the field of gaming and development.

With an invested capital of over ₹1 Billion, Ability Games wishes to conquer the online gaming domain globally.

How to play

Select a match from on-going or upcoming matches. Then, create a team of players by using your sports knowledge skills and join a contest. Follow the match and withdraw your winnings.

4. MPL – Mobile premier league

Mobile Premier League


MPL is Bangalore based e-sport platform developed by Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd. It was launched in September 2018. Here, players win reward prizes by showcasing their gaming skills in more than 30 plus games.

Mobile games like pool, fruit chop, carom, ludo etc are available on this gaming platform. Moreover, MPL chose Virat Kohli as a Brand Ambassador recently.

The platform is simple in which you choose a game from the list of popular games like fruit chop, go ride, pro cricket and many more.

Then, join a either a live tournament or register for an upcoming events. After that, compete and win. Every time you win a battle or tournament, it get instantly added in your wallet. Also, MPL is having user base of more than 25 Million players.

5. Fanfight



Fanfight is a fantasy games of sports founded by the Akhil Suhag in may 2016 based in Hyderabad. It is a fantasy league sports game which hosts league for both cricket and football.

In this, you pick a fixture from a game center and choose a cash contest from numerous cash contests listed. Select the best 11 and win.

Ios Download

Android Download

6. Cricplay



Cricplay is India’s latest free fantasy games and sports by Times Internet Limited.

It is one of the fastest growing fantasy league games with more than 1 million users. Also, it comes with website and android app. Gautam Gambhir is the Brand Ambassador of Cricplay with media campaign “Ab India Khelega”.

Cricplay comes with three things i.e. ‘Fantasy Leagues’, ‘Challengers Leagues’ and ‘Daily Predictions’.

1. Fantasy leagues

This league is for Cricket. Here, you have to choose a contest for a match and select 11 players from the team. Team has following structure -:

1. Three to five batsman.

2. Three to five bowlers.

3. One wicket keeper.

4. One to three all rounders

This you have to do within 1000 credits budget. Also, you can create and join the private contest.

2. Challengers league

They have Coin Rush, Head 2 Head and 10 Khiladi contest to win the Cricplay coins. You can use these coins to create additional teams in contest and for continuing your daily predictions weekly streak.

Also, you can earn coins by watching ads, playing games available in offers section and by referring your friends.

3. Daily prediction

In this, you have to predict the results of the match daily and Consecutive wins become a streak. Participant having the longest winning streak, stand a chance to win the cash prizes after correctly answering the “Google trivia question of the week”

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