Modern Corporate Culture for a life to Employees and Company

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I hear various cases where people say to me that job life is hectic. The same 9 to 5 job is a sickness. They are facing diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, sugar, etc. Also they say that their boss is very rude. Most of the time they shout, scold and do not appreciate. This is due to poor corporate culture.

There are also cases of unrealistic deadlines. Like, if a project can be possibly done in 15 days, they want it in 5 days. This causes excessive pressures and health disorders to the employees.

Such kind of scenarios is definitely not healthy for a corporate. If these things continue, then employees will be forced to leave the job. They will start looking for alternate jobs or plan to start their own business.

There has to be solution to remove the above problems. Fortunately there is one, a Modern Corporate Culture. It is a complete change of the traditional one.

Traditional Corporate Culture


Difference between Traditional and Modern Corporate Culture

FactorsTraditional Corporate CultureModern Corporate Culture
Making Plans for CompanyRestrict employees to do so.Welcomes employee to do so.
Behavior of the bossRude and complainingPolite and guiding
Way of guiding the employeesBy telling them their problems.By asking them the solutions.
DeadlinesCompany sometimes give unrealistic deadlines.Company makes sure that deadline is realistic.
Asking for help to superior.Rarely makes time and tells to come later.Always make time and gives a proper way.
Working TimeLong hours with possibility to work in weekends and late nights.Flexible working hours i.e. average of 40 hours a week.
Scope of Company's growth.Very less. As company don't have a will to change the way of work according to future market.Very high as company is flexible enough to adopt new processes, products, innovations, etc.
Employee TurnoversHighLow
Involvement in Social activities like donation camps, tree plantations, health activities.LessMore

How to Bring Modern Corporate Culture

1. Motivate the Employees

A Motivated Employee


Make your employees fully energetic and their mind powerful. Give your employees a strong and real thought process to shape their mind. Also make beliefs and vision for them. Find ways to bring excitement to your employees. Make them feel proud. Then, appreciate and encourage them.

When you do this properly, the company will quickly improve and grow. To ensure that ego won’t enter in employees, point out their mistakes in private and then guide them.

2. Create a good working environment

Respect to Employees


You can do this by giving respect to your employees at same level. Treat every employees equally so that they could work together as a team. Don’t only give respect but train employees to respect each other. This will help to take the most from the employees.

It does not matter whether they have different skills and backgrounds.

3. Take proper care of the employees

Caring Employees


You can do this by asking them whether they are fine or not. Also, make sure of their well being. Ask them about their life, their problems and try to solve them. If you are not able to solve, just give them some suggestions and advice which every person can do.

Also create a trust in every employees by doing everything which you say to them. If you are not able to serve them, explain the reason politely for not able to do so.

4. Help the employees to live in the company

Employees living in a Company


Don’t only train employees to work for the company, but also train them to live in it. Encourage employees to become leaders. Support them to take daring moves and reward them for their success. Unfortunately if something goes wrong, then help them to be motivated.

Don’t only teach them but make them practice your teachings. Hold their hands to learn if they are not able to do properly. Give spoon feeding to them if necessary but do only in extreme cases. Because spoon feeding will obstruct their growth and motivation.

5. Don’t just inform, Involve your employees

Employee's Involvement


Today’s generation believe in showing people how to do a work. They don’t narrate about how to do a work. Also, remove the mindset of discriminating employees among themselves on gender, caste, age, color, etc.

Allow employees to communicate with you openly. Also, allow them to raise their voice if they have some genuine facts. Be very clear and straightforward. Also train your employees to be the same.

There are reasons for involving instead of informing your employees. Informing every time makes your employee irritated and it creates boredom. They feel like a servant who is being ordered to bring something.

All these things will reduce their morale and will not be able to do things properly in the company.

6. Be an Ideal for your employees

An Ideal Person


Employees learn from leaders and superiors. If you don’t work properly, then you cannot expect from your employees to work. To become an ideal, work hard, make your employees intelligent, guide them properly, speak very clearly and have a personality.

In this way employees will like your style and will follow you. Remember, a good person is always liked over a perfect worker. Also don’t only be a leader, but make leaders. Do this to your employees. Don’t talk about valuables, take about values.

7. Speak and Explain clearly

Person conveying a message


Whenever you want to explain something, do it very clearly. Because there are cases where due to wrong understanding, company faces problems. These are late submissions, defects in products, unnecessary spending money on materials, etc.

Therefore clearly explain the goals, methods, data, changes and news. Because it is very important for every employees to understand same thing in a same manner as you expect from them. Also, After explaining, take feedback from them. This will ensure that everybody has understood.

8. Give your message repeatedly to the employees

Repeating a message


You cannot expect your employees to understand everything at first time. Especially when the message is too long. Especially when it contains difficult terminology. So you need to deliver it again and again whenever it is necessary.

Repeat your message first to your immediate subordinates. This is because they will do the same to their subordinates and so on. This will also reduce the work. Also try to give written messages instead of saying it orally.

If your employees forget the oral message then they will lose it. Also you yourself will not be able to remember what you said exactly. That’s why write it down in a document and circulate it to your employees. Or else, record the meeting.

9. Always remember your and your employee’s purpose

Employees Purpose or Goal


It happens that due to workload, you and the employees forget the purpose of doing the work. This also happens due to difficulties, failures, etc. You and the employees might lose the track and unknowingly start doing something else.

So to avoid this, mission and vision statements are made. These are not only made but is also written down. Because writing makes the information permanent. So nobody can forget it.

Also help employees to understand company’s mission and vision. Because this will boost their amount of work and its quality. Also, this will help employees to overcome challenges easily.

10. Create a trust in your employees and maintain it

Employees creating trust


Trust is important because it make the employees to be with you every time. Create the trust by making realistic promises and go ahead to fulfill it. Avoid making unrealistic promises for the sake of satisfaction. Because if you fail to fulfill it, then this will create a negative image for you and the company.

Also creating trust in employee helps them to adopt the company. As a leader, you are responsible to give a proper path of work to them.

11. Relate the company’s purpose with humanity

Humanity in Purpose


Humanity is something which everyone understands. If you don’t relate the purpose with humanity, employees can lose some interest to work. Humanity will emotionally bind them to work. This makes the vision and mission pure.

For example if your purpose says: ‘Make a technology to carry goods‘, it is simply a purpose. While if you say that: ‘Make a technology to carry goods for helping people in floods‘, then it adds humanity to the purpose. This is because helping people in floods is a humanity.

12. Celebrate the good rather than worrying about the wrong

Employees Celebrating


Every company suffers right and wrong things. Some companies improve the right things while some other remove the wrong things. It is found that focusing on right ones and ignoring the wrong ones proved more useful.

Hence prepare your employees to work on what more good can be done for the company. Achieve this by innovating and optimizing the work and product. Don’t worry about the wrong things as it will automatically disappear.

Also focusing on wrong things gives negative impact on motivation and interest of the employees which will damage the company’s growth.

13. Reconcile employees vision with the company’s one

Employee and Company's Vision


Reconcile means to align the approach of a group. Initially employees will have their own vision. These include self-respect, more money, comforts, etc. But it has nothing to do with the company. And if employee finds itself not able to fulfill its vision, then they might leave.

To avoid this, reconciliation is necessary. To do it, relate your company’s vision with vision of employees. Explain them how company’s vision will help them to fulfill their vision. If employees understand it correctly, then they can give their life for company’s work.

14. Explain a story which is related to the company

Company's Story


Always try to connect employees with the company through their interests and emotions. This is easily done through a story. Because everyone likes to listen a story. A story explains situations, how it affected and how to come out of it. It also has a climax which boosts the interest.

So, use the above concept of story to explain your company. Like ‘What happened?’, ‘What have been suffered?’, ‘How solution has been found?’, ‘How company is formed?’ etc. In this way morals are given to employees which they can apply to their life and make it better.

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