Best Programming Languages To Learn in Computer Science

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While studying engineering in Computer Science, there is a need of accurate technical knowledge to design software, web application, platforms, etc. For that it is important to have knowledge of few best programming languages and scripting languages.

Before that learning C/C++ is enough to understand the basic program structure which will help to understand them. There are following best programming languages which will prove very useful to computer engineers -:

1. JavaScript 

JavaScript ranks first of the best programming languages which deals with client side and server side programming used for building office, desktop, native applications as well as to run IoT devices. It runs relatively fast on client side than server side. Therefore, It is relatively simple to learn and implement through browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc by including it in HTML files.

JavaScript gained popularity in web applications and its implemented projects can be found in StackOverflow and GitHub repositories. JavaScript is flexible by coordinating with other programming languages. So, this makes it capable to be executed with HTML files and handling its data.JavaScript Icon

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2. Python

Python has a very simple syntax making it easy to learn especially by non-programmers. In python, one can write more efficient and optimized for particular problem statements as compared to C# and Java.

Also, Python is cross-platform allowing it to run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It has third party modules and extensive support libraries. Application areas are GUI based desktop applications, Web Frameworks and Web Applications, Enterprise and Business Applications, Operating Systems, Language Development, Image processing and graphic design applications, Scientific and Computational Applications and Games.Python Icon

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3. C#

It is a pure object oriented language with a strong memory backup which avoids memory leak and uses automatic garbage collection method. It contains rich class libraries which are easy to implement. Like python, C# is also cross platform.

It is clear enough to understand because of get-set methods and no header files required. It has backward compatibility. Application areas of C# are Windows Services, Web applications (Client Server Applications), Web Services, Games (using Unity), Console Applications, Workflow Applications (Applications that automate processes), Class Libraries.C# Icon

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4. Go

Go (also known as Golang) is developed by Google and is open source. It has cross compiling, garbage collecting capabilities. It also maintains simplicity, scalability and concurrency. Applications are Cloud Computing, Web Applications, Microservices and Server Development.Golang Icon

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5. Android with Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically typed programming that runs on Java Virtual Machine which is derived from java. It is more concise, safer, better support for functional programming than java. It speeds up everyday development tasks. The codebase shrinks and increases the quality.

The main application of Kotlin is in Android App Development. Further Kotlin helps reduce errors and bugs in the code and made developers more satisfied. Kotlin is completely interoperable with java.

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