Role of IoT and Mobility Solutions in Women Protection

Internet of Things System

Internet of Things can provide nearly best solutions for women protection in any region. It deals with number of sensory devices. You can connect these sensory devices with internet. You can also control as well as fetch information from these devices.

Based on above definition, women can use following gadgets to ensure their safety in any vulnerable scenarios which they encounter on their way.

1. Wireless Tags

Wireless Tag has a button which you can press to call for help. Also The device uses Bluetooth Connectivity. You can connect it with a smartphone or phone. It will help to keep your action hidden. Therefore, criminal does not get alert.

Wireless Tags for Women Protection



2. Wireless Spy Camera

It consists of a camera sensor which you can integrate with a recording memory. The dimensions of the camera is so small that you can embed it into anything like umbrella, shirt, pen, etc. The Device is acting like a camouflage. Hence suspect cannot see and all criminal activities gets recorded easily. Some camera sensors comes with integrated audio sensors also. You can connect camera sensors to computer systems through wireless communication media in case you cannot embed camera sensor with a memory unit.

Wireless Spy Camera for Women Protection


3. I Feel Safe App

The app runs on android devices which is free and does not make use of internet. Further, one needs to press a button (called panic button) 5 times to trigger emergency mode which sends notification to family members in the list by providing location of the victim through GPS. Location updates after every 30 seconds, hence police are also informed about it.

4. Mutecular

It is a security solution based on panic button which decreases time period between happening of incident and arrival of security resources like police, friends, relatives, family members, etc.

5. Safetipin App

This app is based on safety score of the area. While entering in any location, the app can detect whether the area is safe to enter or not. If location is unsafe, app gives alert accordingly allowing the individual to contact family members, relatives, friends, etc. The app also deals with multiple routes for one destination by finding out the safest route from all possible alternative routes. You can apply Safety Scores for evening plans and for changing homes.

6. Smart24x7

It is a personal security and safety app. It is currently supported by Gurgaon Police, Jalandhar Police, Chandigarh Police, Jammu Police, Mohali Police, UP Fire Services(Lucknow & Noida). App is based on pressing button on mobile. Panic alerts are based on GPRS. If in case it is not working, then panic alerts are sent through SMS. It allows to get instant help from nearest police, hospitals and fire stations.

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